How to Hang Pictures on Walls: 13 Hanging Hacks for Picture-Perfect Walls

Placing things on walls can be frustrating and tiring particularly if it ends in a crooked position! These tips will allow you to get it perfect in the very first attempt.

Lickety-Split Wall Decor

Here’s how to hang photos easily and quickly. Take a knuckle from your middle and grasp the hanger at one side of your image using the moist finger. Put your knuckle into the wall until the image is exactly where you want it to be. Your saliva leaves a slight scratch where you can place the nail.

Use a Smartphone Level

This may be old news for you people who have been using smartphones for a while however for those who are new to smartphones Here’s a trick. Your phone could function as an ordinary level or a plumb bob. You can download a level application or your phone might already have an app for leveling that is built in OS. It isn’t a good idea to construct an additional feature using an iPhone level, however it is useful to perform small leveling tasks at home.

Use Templates and Tape

Print out patterns on paper and then place it on the floor using masking tape that is low-adhesive. The temporary red line created by the laser level is useful in aligning a collection of photographs to one another. Laser level is perfect since you can get a perfect straight line, without needing to mark the walls. A standard level for carpenters will also be able to work.

A Riveting Idea

Here’s a way to hang pictures and other things on the drywall. Make use of a hammer to push the rod of a rivet down to the wall. The head of the rivet won’t be able to slide down into the wall once you hang the photo. You can purchase boxes of 1-in. rivets from a hardware retailer for less than $5.

Pull Tab Hook

If you’re hanging photos and you’re running out of the sawtooth hangers, grab the closest pop can. The pull tab is bent around until it comes off. Attach it to the picture frame. The free end should be bent slightly, and hang the photo.

Pinpoint a Solution

This is a clever method to mark the nail holes on walls while hanging your new photo. Glue two pushpins from top to bottom with Cyanoacrylate glue (such as Super Glue). Find the middle of the image on the upper edges of your frame, and push in one of the pushpins. Simply hold the image up, then move it towards the ideal location, then press it in to mark the nail. This technique is most effective when hanging photos with hardware screws attached to the frame’s back, however, if you’re hanging pictures that are wire-hung, you can determine the distance between above the wire until the hole for the pushpin and then move the nail along that distance.

Toothpaste Marks the Spot

It is also possible to put the toothpaste in small amounts on the hanger and apply pressure to the template when it’s placed in the wall. The frame should be removed and the spot in the shape of the tooth will indicate the nail’s position.

Measure Everything

Keep one finger in place and take a measurement from the wire up to the top. Utilize this measurement and the distance of side-to-side for determining the position of pictures on the hangers.

Nailed It

When your template is done and taped to your wall precisely where they’ll hang, nail through each template’s designated X. Remove the template from the paper and you’ll be able to put the nail to be hung in the perfect spot every gallery piece.

Keep It Level

A little bit of mount putty (that sticky stuff that is used for hanging posters) keeps the picture from tilting without causing harm to walls.

Hang Shelves Instead

With these picture frames you’ll never have to fiddle with hooks for positioning. Your artwork and photos won’t get crooked, and, best of all, they can “redecorate” instantly just by changing items around. You don’t have to fix holes each time you change a photo.

Keyhole Template

If you’re mounting something to the wall using keyhole slots, place a piece of on top of the slots and create a template by rubbing the pencil. Place your template onto the wall, and you’ll know exactly where to place the screws.

Sawtooth Tape Measure Hanger

This is less of an image-hanging hack, but more of a trick for using hardware to hang pictures within the workplace. Find out the comment of our reader about it: I utilize my tape measure frequently in my workshop, and I’m always aware of the exact location of it always. Tired of having to dig through the piles of things to locate it, I put the “sawtooth” picture hanger on the edges of my workbench which is where the tape measure is at all times! ! — reader Ryan Sorensen.