Cheap Handy Hints to Fix Common Home Issues

There are always the annoying issues in the home that we’d like solve, but keep postponing the task due to reasons of one kind or another. This collection of simple and inexpensive suggestions could provide the answer you’ve been searching for.

Vacuum Extension Tube
A tube of wrapping paper made from cardboard is an handy extension for the vacuum hose. Simply tape or place the tube at the other end of the hose that connects to your vacuum cleaner. It will be easy to get to ceilings as well as under furniture. Furthermore it is flexible, which means you can flatten it down to fit into small areas, like beside or underneath the fridge. Explore these innovative ways to make use of the cardboard tubing.
Touch-Up Paint Saver
When painting walls or trimming the trim, store any leftover paint in a mason container for inevitable touch-ups. A sealed jar will keep paint in good condition longer than the can and is also simpler to keep in storage. Label the jar according to the location where it was painted in.
Puppy Slow Feeder
If your puppy consumes food too speed and eats too much, it could cause him to vomit it up again. Instead of purchasing a slow-feed bowl, make holes in a 12 inches. length of 2 inches. PVC pipe and seal the ends. The tube should be filled with puppy food and you will have to roll it around to allow the food from the holes. Your puppy will have all the food that he needs with no mess results from eating quickly. Make sure that the holes are big enough to allow food to flow out!
Super-Secure Garbage Bags
Waste bins and trash bags are supposed to work in harmony However, that’s not always the scenario. When garbage bags begin to fill and the bags start to slither, they fall into the bin, and you must remove it. To hold drawstring or handled trash bags in their place, all you require are two large or medium Self-adhesive Command Hooks. Set the hooks in an area that permits complete use for the trash bin.
DIY Drip Waterer
Here’s a simple way to convert any hose to an watering drip hose. Drill 1/8 inch. holes every 2 inches. and screw a cap to the top. Wrap the hose around your plants, then turn the spigot. You’ll need to conduct some experiments to find the ideal setting. To make watering a lot more convenient, you can attach a timer that can be programmed on the hose.
Say goodbye to Wrinkles
Don’t use the time-consuming iron, or steamer that you can use handheld to eliminate wrinkles from your slacks or shirt. Place some ice cubes or a clean washcloth in the dryer with wrinkled clothes. When the ice melts, and the water transforms into steam, it’ll take out wrinkles. This method isn’t as effective for heavier fabrics, but it is well for fabrics that are lighter. The greatest aspect is you won’t need to run the dryer for more than 10 minutes in order for it to get the job done.
Tape Measure Notepad
If you do not have a notebook when you’re required to write down a number to keep in mind make an old tape measure into notepad. Simply remove the residue and label, then roughen the surface using sandpaper of 250-grit. With a pencil, the rough surface is simple to write on and erase.
Direct Watering Bottle
To ensure good plants to thrive, it’s crucial that water is able to reach the roots. This is a great method for this: drill holes into water bottles, then bury them with plants, leaving the cap visible above the ground. To water your plants, take off caps on the bottles and fill them with water. Then screw them back on. It takes some time, but saves water as well your plant -especially the tomatoes particularly tomatoes will flourish as never before.
Clamping Right Angle Jigs
Right-angle clamping Jigs can be useful when building cabinets, so that you can ensure that everything is square. They can be purchased however, you could also build your own from scraps. Cut right triangles from 3/4 inch. plywood, then cut off the corners using the miter saw. Then, you’ll need to drill a few 14 in. diameter holes to fit the clamps I have. It is possible to repurpose an old bicycle tube to make an instrument for clamping.
Plant Tag Organizer
Are you familiar with the plant tags that you keep for later reference but you’re not in a position to decide what to do withthem? To organize them make holes in the tags and then slide them into keys. Look over this list of 23 yard hacks for tools which will make your life easier.
Pool Noodle Water Hose
If you’re trying to fill the bucket but it won’t fit underneath your sink faucet then grab a pool noodles. Place the bucket onto the floor, then slide the pool noodle onto the faucet and let it run through the bucket until it reaches.
Lid Corral
Are you fed up with an messy and unorganized food storage drawer? Put tension rods into an drawer to stop lids for storage from becoming a complete mess. You just need to secure the rod to the side of the drawer to ensure they are easily accessible. Problem solved!
There is a chance of spilling screws
Do you ever spill a box of screws for drywall and then prick your fingers by picking up the tiny suckers? This is a solution: put magnets in the bag of plastic and then drag it across the screws. Once all the screws are removed, flip the bag over. You can then dump them back into the box.
The simplest Standing Desk
Create an easy standing desk using scrap wood and legs for a coffee table using threaded studs. Attach the leg-connecting top plates to the table’s bottom, and then screw in the legs. To get the most ergonomic posture standing desks should allow your arms to sit at 90 degrees while working. Change the length of the legs on your table to match.
Tip Adjustable Stop Block
This is how you can make an adjustable stop for a miter saw if you require cutting multiples that are bigger than the stock fence of your saw. Install a 1×4 that is long enough to hold your components to the miter fence of the saw. Cut the fence so that you can take measurements off the kerf and determine your component lengths. Install a stopper by attaching 1 1/2 in. long piece of 3/4 inch. plywood, to one piece of 1x. Fix the stop wherever you require it.
Clean up hard-water buildup by using the juice of a lemon
To eliminate hard-water buildup that can be found on faucets you can try this home remedy cut a citrus in two. By using one of the half you can use your thumbs to gently break open the center. Then , press the lemon on the faucet’s end. Place a small plastic bag over the lemon, and secure it around the faucet using an elastic band. Make sure the rubber band is cinched tightly and the lemon is at the faucet’s end. The lemon should remain in the water for a few hours in order to let the citric acid do its work.
When you have removed your lemons, you will have to apply an easy scrubbing pad to remove any loose water buildup. Clean the faucet using an damp cloth to get rid of any remaining lemon juice and the faucet will be sparkling clean. And you don’t have to use harsh chemicals!
Magnets are in the Medicine Cabinet
An effective way to store small objects made of metal like nails clippers, tweezers etc. within the cabinets for bathrooms is to just stick some magnets to the cabinet’s back or even inside the cabinet door to hold the objects. They’ll then be organized and out of view when you require they.
If your cabinet isn’t steel, you may have to apply a little double-sided adhesive or hot glue to place the magnets in the location you would like to put them. Make sure to use low-cost gray disc magnets since the more expensive magnets made of neodymium are not likely to go. So, don’t let go of your possessions! Consider stepping up the ante and installing a cabinet magnet strip in your medicine cabinet using this suggestion.
Hacksaw Blade Protection
To protect (or from) the blade of your hacksaw while you’re using it in a bucket that is full of tools, wrap your blade in pipe insulation that is cut to length. Here’s an simple storage bin that you can make yourself to keep your safety equipment organized.
Create an Milk Jug Scoop
To make this spoon, we took half-gallon milk jugs that were empty and then angled the cut to ensure that the side that faces the handle is a bit longer which is much like scoops rather than funnel.

  1. Mark your cutting line across the milk Jug.
  2. Cut with sharp scissors along the line.
  3. Remove or trim any sharp or rough edges of the scoop of your milk jug.
    The scoop can also be employed as a funnel by taking off the cap of the milk jug. This is in addition to the convenient dog food scoop.
    Wrapping Paper Clips
    Cutting up ripped wrapping paper is a waste and can be a pain. Therefore, prevent the paper from being torn from the beginning by using the right binder clip placed on either side. You’ll be able to use it to the next time.
    Enjoy your music while you work on a major DIY issue
    It’s recommended to have the outlets and switches marked, making it easy to identify which breaker you need to shut off when you want to switch the outlet or switch. If there’s no one to assist you with this endeavor, consider using an audio device. Simply plug it into the outlet, and then blast music. After that, flip the breakers until the radio is shut off.
    Note Breaker Number On Outlet Cover
    This is a DIY project that can reduce time, as well as trips climbing and descending the stairs. Once you’ve identified which circuit a outlet or switch is part of note down the number of the breaker on the interior of the cover for the outlet or the light switch plate. That way, when the time comes that you’ll need to repair the receptacle or switch you’ll know which circuit to turn and one trip to the electrical panel is all you need. Plus,
    Furniture Mover Change
    Moving furniture can be a challenge particularly couches. A few tiny tri-dollies might work, however the couch’s legs can fall off. To stop this from happening, attach some PVC caps onto the dollies. You can then slide the feet inside the caps, which will give you solid grip to the furnishings.
    Eliminate Sweater Pills
    Are you looking to make your favorite old sweaters appear as new? To eliminate the pilling on sweaters, consider shaving them with an electric blade. It’s even possible to use a non-electric one! All you need to do is lightly move the razor between the pill. Be careful not to scratch your sweater. This method can be applied for your wife’s favorite socks and sweaters, too.
    Easy Method of Disinfecting LEGOs and other Toys
    Toys for children can be a source of germs. The dishwasher is capable of washing toys that can be disinfected like LEGOs. To quickly clean LEGOs:
  4. Drop the LEGOs into a bag of laundry to keep them in a bag to keep them secure.
  5. Use your dishwasher in the normal way.
  6. But, take out the LEGOs before drying and allow them to dry completely on towels.
    This method is also effective with other treasures, such as seashells, dish brushes sponges and rags.
    Add Cushions to Rugs
    Are you looking to make your rug feel more plush and luxurious? Install a carpet padding under the rug. It’s much thicker and more affordable than the typical rug pad. If you ever take care of the dishwashing pile in the sink your feet will be grateful to you.
    Did you spill the paint all over your floor? Don’t be afraid, try this:
    Dissolve some denatured alcohol over an rag, and scrub off any paint. Choose a rag that’s similar in color as the carpet because the alcohol could impart some color of the rag onto the carpet.
    Picture Frame Message Board
    Dry-erase boards for message boards are handy, but they’re typically quite boring. Instead, make message boards using nice picture frames. To construct these message boards, get an image frame and paper. Cut the paper in order to fit inside the frame, then place it behind the glass. Glass makes a great Dry erase paper surface!
    Lawn Mower Saver for Grass Chute
    To reduce the amount of trimming of the string it is possible to cut your lawn as close as you can to the building and trees. However, the chute that is on most riding mowers hinders it from doing so. Therefore, you must make a hole in the chute and attach the rope of your chute onto a hand attached to the sides that of the tractor. Then, you can raise the chute with no problem and cut the way on the work of string trimmers.
    Vine Cork Wiggles Table Fix
    Do you have a table that has wobbly legs? With a bottle of wine made from synthetic cork (natural cork shatters in time) and mark the distance between your wobbly legs as well as the floor. Use a knife to cut off the amount of cork required to support the leg. Make use of hot glue to stick the cork piece in the desired position.
    DIY Non Slip Hangers
    It’s a pain when your clothes fall off hangers. The reason is the fabric or the cut, a few clothes just slide off of hangers, no matter how cautious you are while searching your closet. It’s frustrating to have to reach over to pick them up and it’s certainly an inconvenience to wash them once more because they’ve collected dust and wrinkles and lint from the floor.
    This easy hanger hack will hold clothing in place, without having to purchase expensive special hangers. Apply a small amount or hot glue onto the top arm of the hanger. Let it completely dry
    Hang Your Ironing Board
    For keeping your ironing boards out of your way, hang a pair of coat hooks along the wall of your closet. Place the ironing board on the wall, keeping it away from the floor. Mark the height and the position on the hangers. If you don’t have anchors for the hooks, you can use anchors for drywall that can hold an ironing board’s weight.
    Replace Your Furniture In Just Minutes
    If your furniture is that is covered in stickers, follow this trick to remove the entire layer of the stickers using a knife, paired with a hair dryer to make the adhesive more flexible. Some stickers are more difficult to remove than others however you are likely to be able to peel the entire thing off in just some time.