8 Cutting Board Hacks Every Home Cook Needs To Know

Chop chop! The cutting boards hacks listed here will send you running into the kitchen to set up for meal preparation.

Put Your Cutting Board on the Drawer

Do you ever think that your counter appears like it’s a tiny over-stuffed during preparation time? This is an excellent way to free up space and especially in smaller kitchens. You can simply open a drawer, and put the cutting board up to make more countertop space.

Make use of rubber Bands to avoid Slips

We’ve been stung at least two times due to the sliding of a cutting board into the wrong spot at the right time. There’s a simple solution for this. Simply place the rubber band to either side of your chopping board and you’ll never have to go seeking a Band-Aid the middle of preparing ever again.

Keep that rubber band box handy to use for other kitchen hacks

Be aware of when to use a Board made of plastic Board…

…and when you should choose a wooden board. The majority times it’s using a hardwood board would be the best option because they’re strong and won’t wear out knives as fast and stop food from falling across.

But in the case of fish and meat, you may consider move to non-porous materials because wooden boards can hold bacteria that come from raw meat or seafood.

You Can Display Your Charcuterie

Make a Pinterest-worthy cheeseboard prepared for the holidays, or any other season by placing Brie crackers, grapes and crackers on your favorite cutlery board made of wood. Be sure to keep it clean dry, stain-free, and stain-free.

Take away Stains from the Wooden Cutting Board with Lemon

Are you suffering from a dark stain on the cutting board due to the preparation of various pomegranates or beets? Simply grab an orange wedge and sprinkle some salt on it and apply it to the stain. Add some cleaning baking soda powder after which you clean and dry, and you’ll have a brand new wooden cutting board.

P.S. Use lemons to wash more of your home, too.

Keep your board in top shape with oil or Beeswax

To make your wood cutting board last for longer put aside 5 minutes every month to smooth it out. Clean it with salt and lemon juice Apply a thin layer of mineral oil made from food grade or beeswax allow it to soak over night, then wipe it off with an untidy, dry cloth or a paper towel in the following morning for a neat-looking cutting board.

Repair small cracks using wood Glue

Despite your best efforts, your wooden board may develop some cracks over time. Instead of going to the local store to purchase an entirely new board purchase high-quality food-safe glue and sandpaper with extra-fine grit.

Make the filling with wood glue (try using a plastic syringe truly get it into the crack) Then sand to ensure that the seam is level. Finally, end by adding mineral oil. Do not forget that you wear a mask and wear a pair of glasses when working on the sand.

Make use of Potato as well as Apple to get rid of odors

Garlic could be one of our most-used ingredient, however we’re not a fan of the smell it creates. While baking soda could help remove certain smells, but we’ve come across the most effective way to eliminate the sulfurous smell — pick up a fresh potato, or apple, then finely grate some tablespoons of sugar over the area, then rinse it off.

Be sure you grated it until you release the enzyme that eliminates the smell. Cutting won’t do the trick.