24 Simple Home Hacks to Save Money

Spend wisely, save money and save money. Spend less than $500 annually by using these simple strategies to cut costs around the home.

Change Furnace Filter

The process of keeping the furnace (gas as well as electric) properly maintained offers two main advantages: It lets your furnace run more efficiently, and extends the lifespan of the furnace. It is also possible to do your annual tune-up on your own in just three hours. Replace the filter each month during winter (or all year round if the filter is also used for air conditioning). Make sure to put in the new one in a manner that it is facing the correct direction. The filter shields the motor as well as the blower If the filter is blocked, it makes your motor perform harder, and require more power.

Make Use of Every Paint Drop Leftover

Don’t toss your paint to waste! Mix it all up and use it as the use of a primer in the future. I own rent properties in various locations that appear to be in constant the need of being painted. Instead of throwing away paint that’s not used, and then needing to purchase more later I use it. I use several cans of interior latex painted paint that is partially used and primer of any sheen, any color then mix all of them. It doesn’t matter what debris or junk is within the paint. Pour the entire thing into. I use a mixer to mix them, and then dump the ingredients into a larger container.

When all the paints that are is mixed, it generally will result in an off-white or an antique white. The sheen will usually be like an eggshell and then satin. If the hue is too strong I can reduce it by adding a bottle of white color. After that I put the paint in five gallon buckets and place strainer bags within. Then, I lift the strainer bags to clean out any debris, and then put onto a lid to keep your paint in good condition. It’s a fantastic method to get rid of any leftovers after you’re busy painting. -Tom Dvorak Tom Dvorak

Rinse with Warm, Rinse in Cold

Here’s a trick that can save you hundreds every year. When you’re cleaning and washing the clothes with hot water, then you’re spending some money heating up all the water. The juice required to power the motor of your machine doesn’t cost anything, the main expense is heating up all that water.

Detergents are designed to function at temperatures ranging from 65-85 degrees F. Cold water works just as well to rinse as hot or warm. Make sure to adjust your temperature settings! Take a look at the temperature of the water inside the tub after filling. It is possible that the temperature of even the cool setting of the wash cycle is at 65 degrees. There isn’t any hot water is required.

Clean Carpet for Cheap!

I was used to thinking that dropping a paintbrush loaded on the carpet was changing the flooring up until an ex-foreman informed me this simple trick. Put some denatured alcohol onto a rag , and clean the paint off. Choose a rag similar in color to the carpetas alcohol could be able to transfer some of the color of the rag onto the carpet. – Tom Gerdowsky

Kill Energy Vampires

Seventy percent of the electricity used by electronics in homes is when they’re off in accordance with the Department of Energy. They “energy vampires” draw in power all day long and cost the user an extra $100 every year. If you want to keep the Ben Franklin in your wallet remove your electronics from the power outlet or connect them to the energy strip then switch off power to the circuit.

Don’t be concerned about losing settings of new computers or televisions. They are equipped with an internal memory chip that resets the settings when you power back up. If you own gadgets that blink when power goes off, make sure you keep the device plugged into. Certain power strips, such as BITS Smart Strip BITS Smart Strip in the picture has a few outlets that are always powered regardless of when you shut off the power switch. This kind of strip comes with an outlet that is the main one for your computer. When you turn off your PC, this strip will shut down any other devices, like the printer, scanner, or modem.

Rent Versus Purchase

A lot of DIY projects like removal of tiles require a particular tool, a jackhammer, which can be expensive to buy. You can lease the tool for much less than buying it. The most common tools that you can hire by the hour or day include jackhammers, pressure washers as well as hammer drills, carpet cleaners. It is likely that the local rental shop will have the tools you require to complete your work.

Keep-Fresh Wood Putty Trick

The wood glue is usually a once-in-a-lifetime use item for me. Before I even consider returning to it for a second time it’s dry. The trick I came across was to fill a empty paint container with water and then store my putty containers submerged to make sure that air doesn’t get into them. It is now time to declare that I’ve discovered the inside of a putty container. – Kim Boley

Making Your Own Produce

Growing your own vegetables at home is an excellent activity that’s enjoyable for all the family. It isn’t necessary to hire an tractor or plow in order to plant some tomato plants in the backyard. Many vegetables–tomatoes, squash, radishes, etc.–are easy to grow in containers. This gardening method makes use of containers like a basic wooden box, or even five gallon buckets to plant in. Apart from the pleasure that you can have by cultivating your own food and fruits, the next time you require a tomato you’ll be able to save energy, time and money by picking it right from your garden.

Make the most of Your Shop Vacay

After I’ve begun turning wood, my workshop vacuum is doing lots of work. I’ve stopped using the filter bags because they fill up quickly with the huge amount of wood debris. I instead utilize pleated filters. The filter could become blocked, which can reduce the effectiveness that the vacuum can achieve. I was able to solve this issue by putting a huge piece of window screen over the bottom of the of the tank, which also houses the filter. Now, dust and particles are able to pass through the screen, and won’t block the filter. — Bill Wells

Basic Car Maintenance

You can carry out regular checkson your car to lower the expenses of repair and maintenance. All you need is a basic understanding of hand tools, a few basic tools, and some elbow grease. It’s not too hard to change your oil, change an air filter, replace wiper blades or change out an old turning-signal bulb that has burned. People who aren’t mechanically skilled can avail of the free services provided by a variety of auto parts dealers. A lot of retailers offer wiper blades, batteries, and air filters for free when you purchase the item directly from their shop.

Plant-in-a-Pot Landscaping Design

Have you ever wished that you could save a lot of money and also reorganize the garden once you see how mature plants appear? Here’s an effective method to achieve it.

It’s best to have a few landscaping pots with the same dimensions and shape, which will allow them to be placed in one another. Place them in landscape pots that are double-glazed and then place them in the their level with the ground. If you need to change the pot remove the pot that is on top, and then put another one in. It’s also great to bring plants inside during the winter. This method is perfect for quick changing the plants that are in season, and also permits easy experimentation with colors and the arrangement of flowers and plants.

Don’t throw away your loose pair of Glasses

Are you struggling to keep your screws in place? Apply a thin layer of nail polish on the screws to prevent them from coming loose. Take the screw out, coat it with nail polish, then screw it back into. Nail polish can hold the screws in their place. Nail polish holds it in place because it is able to get into all the gaps and cracks. It is a great option for small eyeglass screws!

Make Your Own Cleaners for the House

You can do your part to help the environment while saving some money through making your home-made house cleaners. For example, instead of using store-bought glass cleaners make a mixture of two cups of water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar and make your homemade. A simple recipe to use for cleaning all kinds of things is to mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quarter cup of water in warm temperatures.

You can make Your Old Shoes Look Like New

All you require are an old toothbrush and small amount of toothpaste to discover how to clean your sneakers and keep your old shoes looking new! Non-gel white toothpaste is great for cleaning sneakers with white soles (colored toothpaste might stain more that clean footwear).

Apply the toothpaste to an old toothbrush, and then rub the paste into the spots that have been contaminated. Let the toothpaste sit on the shoes for approximately 10 minutes. Then clean it off using an damp towel. Repeat this process if needed. The use of toothpaste will keep your smile looking great, however it can also be very useful to clean up around the home.

Zip-Tie for the Rescue

If my bathroom sink is blocked, I don’t look for expensive chemicals for an option for a toilet cleaner. Instead, I make use of an inexpensive, long Zip tie. I cut a couple of notches at the tie’s end. It will hook the hair clog which allows you to remove it. Problem solved. Its size stopped me from accidentally pushing the tie over the stopper. — Rick Holmen

Every homeowner should keep a bag of these small, flexible straps at hand. Zip ties are a great way to get rid of clutter, make work easier and even be able to see when it’s dark.

Purchase Energy Star appliances

When shopping for appliances, be sure to look to find that Energy Star certification. It indicates that the appliance is in compliance with certain energy efficiency guidelines. Energy Star says that appliances that are branded with their logo can reduce the cost of energy by 30 and can save hundreds each year. You don’t have to replace everything in order to reap reduction in your energy costs. Simply replacing a refrigerator that’s been in use for eight years with a brand new Energy Star model can save more than $100 per year or more in energy.

Save yourself a call at the carpet cleaners

There’s no need to contact carpet cleaners using this method. If gum freezes, it turns fragile and can easily break apart. If you’ve got gum stuck to your carpet, put it in a freezer to take it out swiftly and efficiently.

  1. Put a sandwich bag that is filled with frozen cubes over the gum and let it sit for an hour.
  2. If the gum has froze then break it up and then remove it from the carpet. No trace left behind.

Set up a Clothes Line

A simple liner allows drying your clothes without cost by through the power of the sun, instead of costly electricity. Dryers that use electricity can make a dent in your wallet, especially in the case of a huge household. Although a clothesline requires some manual work to hang your clothes but you’ll benefit from a fresh scent that is natural of your laundry and lower utility bills.

Repurpose old clothes

purchasing cotton rags to paint dusting, cleaning or painting projects can be costly. Make your own rags free by making use of old T-shirts and other garments that have been discarded. Just a few minutes using the help of scissors or a utility knife that is set up this way is all it takes to transform old clothes into useful cloths.

Old sweatshirts look New

Spend less dollars and make those worn-out sweaters appear brand new. To stop pilling on your sweaters, try shaving them with an electric blade. Even a non-electric razor can work! All you need to do is move the razor between the pill. Be careful not to cut your sweater. This trick can also be used for your wife’s favorite fluffy socks and sweaters too. -Jerry Ervin Jerry Ervin

Keep old seeds fresh

If you don’t finish the entire seed packet keep the seeds in an airtight container and silica packets in order to keep them fresh for the following year. Silica packets stop seeds from germinating and becoming moldy.

Clean Air Conditioning and Furnace Filters are cleaned regularly

Reduce energy expenses by keeping up with the HVAC unit. A dirty filter will affect the performance of your cooling and heating system and also reduce its lifespan. The replacement of the filter every two months should suffice for most people however, it all depends on the needs of your family. For pet owners, for example could require changing or cleanse the filter more frequently due to hair from pets.

Resolve wood scratches using Walnuts

Furniture is beaten up with time However, you aren’t required to deal with those ugly scratches. You can actually take years off of damage by using a an easy snack food item that is walnuts.

Just rub a walnut against an area of wood that has been scratched repeatedly. Next, using your fingers, rub the area that has been scratched. This will assist the wood to absorb the oil that is in the nuts. Finally apply a soft cloth to rub the region. The scratch is now closed and gone! This tip works with lightly scratched areas, but not for deep gauges of wood, however there is an solution to this problem too!

Change to CFLs

Switching out incandescent bulbs to CFLs, also known as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are among the fastest and easy ways to save money and an ideal place to start for everyone. CFLs consume around 75% less power and can last more than 10 % longer than traditional bulbs. They can help you save up to $35 in electricity costs throughout the life of each bulb.

Pick CFLs that have an Energy Star label to get the best savings. Energy Star products have to conform to the guidelines for energy efficiency set by EPA along with the Department of Energy. When shopping, keep in mind that lighting fixtures that have dimmers need special CFLs. Check the label.