23 Zip Tie Hacks That Make DIYing a Cinch

Every homeowner should have a supply of these tiny, multi-purpose straps in their arsenal. Zip ties can help get rid of clutter, make work easier and even be able to see in darkness. Here’s how:

Stop flying Garbage Can Lids

Are you frustrated by the lid of your garbage bin being lost? “Hinge” it onto the barrel using zip tie. Make 1/4-in. holes for the ties . You can increase the number of ties to give them more strength. The lid will open and remain attached with the barrel. You’ll never need to look for the lid ever once more! Smart, right? !

Gym Bag Odor Control

Place a few silica bags inside your bag in order to absorb the sweaty smell. Make silica pouches of your own. You just need to wrap a heaping scoop of silica crystal cat litter inside a piece of cloth that is breathable and secure the pouch shut using the zip tie.

Improvised Caulk Gun

It is possible to make a caulk gun instead of purchasing another. You just zip-tie the tube filled with caulk onto the bar of an adjustable clamp with a trigger and place an old piece of wood in the tube’s top to function as a plunger, dispense caulk when you press the trigger of the clamp.

Zip tie hacks are useful

Every homeowner should keep a bag of these small, flexible straps at hand. Zip ties are a great way to clear the clutter, do your work hands-free and even be able to see when it’s dark.

Secure Bins for Moving

Moving can be a painful experience. However, using plastic containers that do not remain closed can cause even more frustration. Zip tie to save the day! After you’ve put on a lid for the container, make small holes through handle and lid. Attach a zip tie to the holes and you’re ready to hit the road. Look over these Other clever storage hacks for your home that are household-friendly.

Chain Gang for Outdoor Power Equipment

The snowblower chains break off at the moment you least would. This is a quick fix that will stop the chain from falling off and falling loose. Attach the locking links to the right place using zip ties made of nylon. The chains will remain secure until you decide to remove them.

Zip Tie Phone Stand

If you are looking up plans for projects or using a photograph to provide ideas while doing a DIY task the majority of us utilize our smartphones to show videos or images. The only issue in this method is that phones can’t stand up on their own, making it difficult to look at the images when working. Smartphones can stand out from everything nowadays and it’s as easy as securing Zip ties over your smartphone (two to each end). All you need to do is make sure that you tighten the zip ties until they’re snugly seated on the phone, with the zip-tie heads facing downwards and at the edges of the phone. Then you can view videos or browse through sketches without holding it with your hands for the entire time.

And that, the next time you’re charged your cell phone while driving you need to take a second look!

Simple Bathroom Drain Cleaner

If the bathroom sink is blocked, use a long zip tie. Cut a few notches at the ends on the tie. The tie will hook the hair clog and allow you to take it out. Problem solved. The eye size of the tie should keep you from accidentally pushing the tie through the stopper. It’s not necessary to use chemicals to clean out the bathroom drain!

Stay-Put Cord

Zip tie is a great item to have to hand out to make quick repairs or fasten tasks in the shop. Attach a zip tie to the one end of the electrical cord to keep it in the same place as the reel. Make sure the connection is loose enough to allow you to pull the cord to plug into an outlet. Follow these easy steps to replace the plug on an extension cord.

Change Clothes Expertly

When the time comes to make a move, this advice is particularly helpful for packing and unpacking your closet! It’s not necessary to remove your clothes from hangers, and then fold them up and put them in boxes. Simply grab a few of clothes hanging on the hangers and tie the hangers’ tops with a bendable electrical wire or zip ties. Place a garbage bag on top of your clothes and pull the hanging hangers’ tops through an opening at the base inside of the bag. Then , cinch the handles of the garbage bag and tie them in a knot. Take a look at our useful Hints that will make getting rid of the garbage easy.

Your clothes will remain tidy and neat while you move them to the new location. To take them out, simply remove the bag, twist the wire, and hang your clothes on the closet.

Take control of your climbing plants with Zip Ties

The process of getting your vines to rise exactly how you would like isn’t easy. To control the vines, attach zip tied around the stalks attaching them to something stable. Don’t tie the vines too tight. They should be capable of growing and moving.

Repair a screwy electrical box

If you discover an open receptacle within the electrical box made of plastic because of damaged screw holes, you can fix it using zip tie. You can simply insert small zip ties into the holes that are stripped. This will permit you to tighten the screws until they are the screws are tight.

Easy Knob and Tube Insulation Repair

The insulation in the tube and knob is brittle over time. When you’re using it, it’s possible that the insulation will simply crumble when you touch it. It is possible to re-insulate the section by using a length that is made from the protective plastic a piece of non-metallic sheathed cable (often called Romex) and then secure it using the help of a zip tie.

Stop Round Tools from rolling

To prevent X-Acto knives falling off the table, and then stabbing your foot, place zip tie around the edges. This technique is excellent to prevent pencils that are short from becoming stuck in the narrow pockets of your tool belt and carpenter’s pens are prevented from falling through cracks in the spaces between the deck board.

Hands-Free Light

When working in your kitchen sink it’s difficult to keep track of what you’re working on. When you’re in the need of lighting, utilize zip ties to secure miniature flashlights to a pair safety glasses.

Secure Bulb Storage for Fluorescent Bulb

Store extra bulbs on large hooks made of vinyl at a convenient location close to your fixture in your garage, shop or basement. Cut the hooks off of one end of two small ropes and then use zip ties to connect the cut ends to the tops of two hooks for storage. Keep a few fresh bulbs in the storage and mark the bulbs that are not working using a marker, and store them until you’re ready to dispose of them.

Keep Zip Ties organized on an apegboard

The faithful Reader Raymond Hudon sent us a tool storage method for all those slim equipment and shop equipment. Make short pieces of PVC pipe (1-1/2- and 2-in.-diameter pipes are ideal for the majority of items) and put them over Pegboard Hooks. Then , load them with hacksaw blades, files zip ties, pencils stir sticks . . . You’ll get the skinny.

Spotlight on Woodworking

Make sure you shine a bright beam light onto your layout lines while working with precision on the scroll or band saw. All you require is 1 1/2-in. round base magnet that has an eyelet in the center and the Mini Maglite flashlight and a 1/8-in.-thick steel rod. Make an eyelet at the rod’s end and then bolt it onto the magnet, then secure the flashlight onto the other end using zip tie. The arrangement will adhere to any cast or steel iron surface, so you can be able to see the work you’re doing! Our appreciation goes to Gary Brandhorst for this tip.

Make a tool-protecting Pouch

If you store your toolbox in a non-climate-controlled garage or shed or in the bed of your truck, rust prevention is very important. You can take a handful of tiny silica packs that come with your new pair of footwear, however it may be some time (or years) for you to get enough to shield your tools from water.

Make your own corrosion-proof pouch with a big scoop of crystal silica litter, a bit of fabric that is breathable (we removed a piece of an old T-shirt) and an elastic zip tie.

Put the pouch in the toolbox to ensure that your tools are not rusty. It is possible to make multiple pouches using just one litter bag. Make a few extra pouches to give to your loved ones.

Zip Tie Your Decorations

Zip ties are an easy method of stringing holiday lights along fences and banisters without damaging the railings with nail marks. Zip ties can be purchased in home centres. They can be found in the electrical supply section. Following the holiday season, cut the ties using scissors. Family Handyman is here to assist you with our most-loved holiday hacks for your home..

Fast and Secure Clamps

To repair split spindles or chair rungs inject glue into the split and join it using electrical tie-wraps. Attach the tie-wrap with two pair of pliers, which will clamp around the piece. Slide a piece of wood into the wrapping to raise pressure. Cut off the wrap once the glue is dry. Tie-wraps can also be used for wrapping wood strips and dowels into bundles, as well as to fix loose connections between the hose that flexes and the nozzle of the shop vacuum. Thank you for the reader Rodger Ahlberg, for sharing this useful technique.

Recycling Zip Ties

If you purchase something tied with zip ties, don’t cut them and throw them away. Instead, take them off by inserting the point the blade of a knife beneath the mechanism for ratcheting the ties, and then taking the end of the ties out. It is possible to reuse the ties and do not have to be concerned about tightening too much one since you can move it.

Alternatives to Zip Ties

Here are three simple ways to keep cords in place, even when they drop off the hook, or get placed in a toolbox

  • Velcro strips. Purchase a set of 10 pre-cut, pre-slotted pieces ($2 at a local home center) or purchase an entire roll of hook-and-loop fabric in a fabric store, and then make your own.
  • 3/8-in. dia. rope. Attach it to the cord’s end in the manner shown, then tie it up with the coiled cord.
  • The elastic ponytail holders secured with balls of plastic at the ends are great with extension cords that are coiled too.