17 Laundry Hacks to Save You Time and Money

It’s laundry time again! This might not be your ideal day, so take a look at these 17 tips that will make doing chore less of a chore.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Don’t use the long-lasting steamer or iron that you can use to remove wrinkles from the slacks or shirt. Put a few cubes of ice or a damp washcloth into the dryer along with your wrinkled clothing. When the ice melts, and the water transforms into steam, it will take away wrinkles. This method isn’t as effective when you wear heavier clothes, but is an amazing technique for lighter fabrics. The most appealing aspect is the fact that it doesn’t need to run the dryer for more than 10 minutes to be effective.

Instant Drying Rack

Do you and your family members has a large amount of clothing that aren’t able to go into the dryer? Even the collapsible drying racks that have several bars to drape wet clothes aren’t enough for large laundry days. If you hang damp clothes over wet clothes they will extend drying time by a significant amount and could even make your clothes smell slightly musty.

To address your air-drying insufficient:

  1. Find a 1×2 piece of piece of scrap wood from the bin in the garage
  2. Reduce it so that it fits over some joists that hang overhead within your laundry area in the basement.
  3. Secure it by nailing it down with nails of a high-quality in every joint.
  4. You can dry several other pieces of clothing with hangers!

Write Notes on the Washer

Stop shrinking your sweaters! When you load loads of clothes into the washing machine make use of dry-erase markers to mark on the lid the items that shouldn’t go into the dryer. So, anyone who transfers between the washer into the dryer can be aware of what items to keep to dry on the line.

The enamel finish on the majority of lids for washing machines is like a whiteboard and dry-erase markers are removed by using dry paper towels.

Wash Bright Colors With Salt

Salt can help stop colors from becoming faded. You can simply sprinkle a teaspoon salt into your dark clothes to prolong the life of the color. Cleaning colored clothes inside-out can aid in keeping the color.

Pool Noodle Hanger Hack

Make sure you have a crease-reducing pad on your hanger by using the pool noodles! (We discovered that noodles of smaller size are more effective than the larger ones for this useful tip.) Make use of a knife to cut the noodles to size, and then slice the noodle open lengthwise. After that, slide the noodle onto the bar at the bottom that hangs from the. The padding on top is ideal for hanging your dress pants your closet. It will prevent that annoying fold, and saves your time as you don’t need to iron it before you wear your pants!

Paint Stick to Clean Lint Buildup

Even if you clean the dryer’s lint trap prior to every load, there’s still lint accumulation in the vicinity that could lead to the possibility of a fire. Therefore, it is essential to clean the area every once in every so often This simple tip can help you accomplish the task.

Cover a clean rag with the other end of a paint stir stick. Take the lint trap out and wash the area using the rag-covered stick. To assist in transferring the lint stick stick to the rag, wet it first with water.

Freeze Your Jeans

If you are one who wears your jeans more than between washes, put your jeans in the fridge for a few months between wears. The cold air kills the bacteria that could cause odor.

One Wash Cycle from a Brand New Shirt

As a self-confessed klutz I’ve had to learn to deal with stains on clothing. When a stain is caused by grease I use white chalk. Rub the chalk over the stain. The chalk powder absorbs the grease and then lifts off the grease, and it will come out when you wash it. The artist is Jean Reeves.

Use a Salad Spinner

If you have a few items of clothing that you don’t wish to place into the dryer, try using a salad spinner to get rid of any excess water. After that, hang them on an iron to dry.

Above Units Clothes Storage

Hanger rods that fold fold up to the side of the wall when not being used, which saves precious space in small spaces. They’re perfect for clothing that is wet and sports gear.

Don’t Just Throw That Lint Away!

To build a fire properly it is necessary to have an ignition source. We have access to a tinder source readily available dryer lint! Instead of throwing it away make it a second use!

How do you make these fire starters made of water:

In each well of the egg container with dryer lint. Then , pour the melting wax into each well and allow them to cool. The wax protects the dry lint and carton, and makes it easier for the starter to last to last longer.

Are you ready to build the fire pit an integral element of your backyard’s entertaining scene? Here’s the information you should be aware of before you begin.

Use Aluminum Foil

If you’re short the dryer sheet, put an aluminum foil ball into your dyer. The aluminum foil can help combat static buildup, and will help keep your clothes separate.

Stop Losing Socks

Place a piece of pipe insulation made of foam into the space between the dryer and washer, or on the wall. So that socks don’t slide into the deep. Here are some excellent ideas for how to manage a laundromat.

Skinny Laundry Room Cart

The majority of laundry rooms are characterized by a narrow unoccupied space that is either adjacent to or between the washer and dryer, and is typically a place to store socks and filt. To make the most from this area, construct an easy wooden laundry room cart that is mounted on fixed casters that can hold laundry detergents as well as other laundry equipment.

Another Use for All That Lint

In order to properly construct a fire it is necessary to have the right tinder (easy-lighting material) as well as the kindling (finger-size sticks) and fuel (logs). To create the fire-starters I fill into empty paper tube toilets using dryer lint. My dryer filt “logs” light quickly and quickly burn to ignite the fire.

Quick Drying Laundry Hack

It can be frustrating waiting for your clothes to dry can be a hassle. Particularly when you’re in a rush. My suggestion is to toss dry towels with the remainder of my laundry that is wet to accelerate the process and continue to my daily routine.

Clean Your Machine

The washing machine needs to be maintained regularly. Every few months, set your washer at the highest load setting and the hottest water temperature. Include a quart of white vinegar, and a cup of baking soda. Let the washer spin for one 30 seconds. After that, you can either open the lid or stop the cycle and let the mix remain for at least at least an hour. Rub any area like the lid, using brush to eliminate accumulation. Within an hour let the process finish and run another cycle at a high temperature to eliminate any remaining residue. Your clothes will be thankful to you.