15 Brilliant 5 Gallon Bucket Hacks for Your Home

The common five gallon bucket is utilized for other purposes than simply hauling stuff around!

Really Simple Paint Cleanup of Containers

Even if you’re using grocery bags that are reusable it’s likely you’ve got some plastic bags for grocery shopping at home. A large trash bag could be used for many different projects within your workshop.

Utilize your garbage bags to make 5 gallon bucket liner to make a five gallon paint bucket. This trick is especially useful when working with substances that are messy such as grout or paint. Just place your trash bag inside the 5-gallon bucket , and ensure that there is enough trash left at the top to ensure it doesn’t collapse into itself. With this simple trick using paint, you are able to close the bag to be used for the next day to complete your project. Once you’re finished using the paint that you have put in the bucket, make a hole to let the paint drain back into the paint bottle.

Beware of them sticking together

It’s good to keep a few empty buckets of 5 gallon capacity around However, the only method to effectively keep them in storage is by stacking them. The issue is that they may be snared so tightly that it’s like they’re stuck to each other. You can place a piece that’s two-by-four within the bins as they’re stacked. It’s easy to separate them. -Dennis Rowe. Dennis Rowe.

DIY Dog Feeder

Create a sturdy self-filling dog food with two 5 gallon. buckets. By using a sabersaw, cut off the bottom of one bucket to make the serving tray. Then cut a hole for food dispensing within the food storage container (as as shown). Cut a portion of an edge off of the bottom of the storage bucket, then make it flat, and then glue silicone the two pieces to each other. Be aware that you shouldn’t construct this pet feeder until your pet is able to demonstrate some self-control. Explore our selection of innovative and creative strategies to help your furry friend be happy and healthier with the items that you’ll find in your home. — reader Justin Moujoodi

The Stay-Put Pipe Cutter for PVC

This is a great way you can cut PVC pipe in the air. Make a couple of notches at the top of a five-gallon bucket. Put the pipe into the notches, and you’ll have an ideal spot to saw. Additionally you can fill the bucket and bring your tools also! For 33 innovative ways to make use of PVC pipe, take a look at this collection of suggestions.

Make sure they stay in place by using Bungees

I have a large collection five gallon containers to keep tools and other construction equipment within my pick-up. However, I was annoyed due to them constantly shifting and tipping and I was unable to reach them without having to climb up to the top of my bed. The solution was to secure them to the bed using the bungee cords. Then they’ll stay there! — Tim Horky.

Better Tree Watering

It’s quite a task to transport large buckets of water up to newly established trees. When you pour out the water from the bottom on the trees, the water swiftly evaporates. Here’s the solution: Buy old buckets that hold 5 gallons and make a 1/4 in. hole in to the base of each. Once you have plugged the holes using dowels then fill the buckets with water and then transport them to trees with the wheelbarrow. Place the buckets at the bottom of the trees and remove the plugs. It takes a few minutes to let the buckets drain and allow the soil to absorb every drop. Learn how to grow good shade trees for your backyard right here. -David Radtke David Radtke

Spray-Clean Roller

Make the most of the paint that’s left on the sleeves of your roller by putting the frame of the roller inside an empty bucket and then hit it with a garden hose. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll be completely free of paint. It’s still necessary to use water and soap in order to complete the task, but this will give you a jumpstart. Are you looking to make your next painting to look as if it was created by a professional? This video tutorial will teach you the tricks you must learn. — reader Decie C. McKnight

A handy bench and tool bucket

A 5 gallon bucket that has a lid can be useful in the garden, but it isn’t just used to collect all the weeds. It can be filled with all of your gardening equipment and move them effortlessly from one place to another. When it begins to pour make sure you cover the tools by putting the lid on. The best part is that the five gallon bucket with lid also doubles as a stool for in case you want to sit down or prune. The only issue is the lid can be difficult to remove. You can solve this by cutting off the two tabs, but not all of the tabs. The lid will slide up and down in a flash. For more gardening tricks that are clever and efficient look over this collection of tricks. — Julie Abbott

Easier Mulch Unloading

If you own an auto pickup If you purchase Mulch in bulk, it is placed in the bed of your truck by front-end loaders. It is possible to dump your mulch on your driveway , then haul it back to the place you need it. However, this is an simpler method. Fill the bed of your pickup with plastic buckets that are 5 gallon and dump the mulch into the truck in the same manner as normal. Use a rake to level the load, so that each bucket is fully filled. When you are ready to empty the buckets, take it one at a stretch, then put your mulch precisely where you’d like it. The buckets can be stored in your garage and then use them throughout the year to complete all kinds of projects.

Don’t Worry About Rusty Garden Tools

The vegetable oil isn’t only for cooking. Here’s a fantastic method to use it outside of a pan. Put a quarter of a quart in a bucket that is 5 gallon, filled with sand. You can now put your garden tools in it. This helps keep them from rust and ready to use. — Reader Gary Snell

Double-Lid Cord Reel

Create this useful cord reel by using bucket lids from other buckets. Cut a 5 in. length of 4×4 and create a groove on the sides that is the same width as the cord. Attach the lids to the 4×4 using 1/4-x 2-in. lag screws. Create handles using an old 1-1/8 inch. diameter broom handle. Drill 1/2-in. hole through the middle. Attach the handle to the lid by nuts, bolts and washers. Then apply Loctite sealant on the end of the nut. Secure it to the 4-x4 via the lid using the 6-1/2-in. lag screw. You just need to insert your cord and pull it back into.

Portable Tool Kit

Many electricians have a 5 gallon bucket tool kit is an essential tool kit. Making one is easy. Utilize an awl for poking holes in the outside of the bucket to allow for screwdrivers, and then keep the other tools you’ll need in the bucket. Everything you require is in your reach and is easy to carry between jobs. Additionally: must have additions for your homeowner’s toolkit.

Handles that are easy-on-the-hands

If you own old buckets that have broken handles made of plastic Retrofit the buckets with new handles that are made of the old garden hose. Cut short lengths of hoseand split them using an utility knife and then place them on the handles. If you’re able to take off one end from the handle it is possible to move the grip of the hose onto without cutting it. The handles are great and will keep buckets in good shape!

Better Bucket Storage

5-gallon buckets that are stacked connect so tightly that they’re almost impossible to break them apart. You can avoid the problem by placing the large pop-bottle (with top) or milk jug in between the buckets. You can still place the buckets together, however they will not stick anymore.

The On-the-Level Tool Bucket

To stop the the gutter debris bucket from falling over the rooftop, make an angled 4×4 block through the bottom of the bucket. Attach a rubber mat beneath to keep everything in place. Do your gutters need some attention? Let us show you how to repair them yourself.