14 Technology Hacks for Homeowners

Smart home technology is a great way to simplify our lives however, sometimes it can be confusing. Explore these tech hacks to make your home more secure more engaging, and even save dollars.

You can save time with a DIY Self-Draining dehumidifier

If you fail to empty the tank of your dehumidifierit’ll overflow or be shut off. This defeats the entire reason to run an dehumidifier in moist areas. There was no floor drain in this part in the basement. So I purchased condensate pumps ($40 or $100 at Amazon) as well as tubing and connected it into my dehumidifier. Then, I run the tubing all the way towards the ceiling then through the joists and all the way to my laundry tub. The dehumidifier now runs all the time and I don’t have for me to drain the tank, or be concerned about it shutting off. — Doug Baltzer

Hub for all of your Smart Home Devices

If you’re even using two smart home devices it’s an excellent idea to set up an central home control hub. The presence of a home automation hub lets homeowners to link multiple devices to one another. It connects various smart-capable gadgets and allows users to connect them to an accessible central location, such as an app for your smartphone or a secure login on the web. Check that all those smart gadgets are connected to an identical network to your hub, so that everything can be connected correctly.

The Best Method for Labeling and Testing Breaker Switches

I like having my outlets and switches marked, which makes it easier to determine the breaker I need to turn off whenever I want to switch off an outlet or switch. The moment I moved in to my new home I was required the task of labelling everything. There wasn’t a helper and so I turned to an audio player instead. I would connect it to an outlet, and then blast music. After that, I’d flip the breakers until the radio stopped. I labeled everything within about an hour. — Collin Grace

How to Speed Up Wi-Fi at Home

If you are using Wi-Fi in your home, it’s likely you’ve got areas with good signal and high speeds, but there are areas where you can’t be connected to the Internet in any way. This is particularly true for big or sprawling houses. The placement, age, and the settings of your router can be crucial to improving the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. We’ll guide you how to make your wifi more efficient in your home by making just a few adjustments.

Make This Easy Standing Desk

Make a basic standing desk using scrap wood and coffee table legs using threaded studs. Connect the leg-connecting top plates onto the table’s bottom, and then screw in the legs. For optimal ergonomics the desk that is standing should permit your arms to be in a 90-degree angle when working. The table leg lengths can be adjusted to match.

Control Your TV

If you own an FireTV or Smart TV, you can simply request that the TV be switched on and off at any time and eliminates the requirement to locate the remote control! Even better is the ability to relax and speak to Alexa, asking Alexa to find the show you want to watch and change the channel and also control playback.

Pool Noodle Wrist Rest

Make sure your wrists don’t get tired after a long day working on your computer by creating this wrist rest from pool noodles. Begin by marking the area you wish cutting the noodle. To make the wrist rest that we’ve shown we cut the width about half the total diameter of the noodle. (You can cut the noodle in half and then make two wrist rests that are equally large.)

Make use of a utility knife to cut the pool noodles lengthwise around the marks, then, you can tear the pieces. Make sure to clean any areas that are around the cut lines and place the noodle flat side-on-top in front of your keyboard.

Tune Your Instrument

Don’t use the old-fashioned tuner on your guitar (or another instrument) instead, use Alexa! Simply say “Alexa Tune my instrument” The smart device will cycle through the six notes required for normal tuning. You can customize the skill to suit the instrument you’re playing, and the key you’re playing. Find out how a DIYer created a unique wall decor out of an old guitar.

Quick Smartphone Speaker

Make use of a small piece pottery or an empty vessel to amplify the audio created by your phone. You can build a simple speaker for you desk while working or your living space at home by placing your phone (speaker facing down) in a container that is made of plastic, ceramic, or another hard material.

The sound waves bounce off the bottom, and then amplify across the entire area. It’s ideal for watching videos without headphones or listening to music at a gathering.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Smart thermostats (like the nest thermostat) allow you to have more control on your cooling and heating expenses. You can set the thermostats to adjust temperature automatically at various periods during the week. This lets you conserve energy when nobody is home. If you have a wifi thermostat is connected to an automation hub for your home it is possible to control the thermostat remotely using your mobile device or on the Internet.

Lighted Screwdriver Hack

I keep a penlight around in my workshop. When I need a little extra lighting to drive a bolt in a dark area I simply connect the penlight to the screwdriver. Just flick the light on and the work area will be lit! – Lane Olinghouse

It also works with a tiny flashlight. It’s also beneficial to make use of tape that is easily removed so that you can swap it out to any screwdriver that you require to complete different tasks. This method is particularly useful for working in the kitchen or inside cabinets to replace lighting fixtures, which requires cutting off the power while working.

Find out about the weather

If you’re in bathing or in the closet it might occur to you that you should be aware of what the weather is likely to be to be able to dress properly in the morning. If you’ve got Alexa or Google Home nearby, prepare to receive all the answers you require! By a single command The smart devices’ come with a weather forecast built into them that fills you with information about the weather for the day ahead, whether it rains or shines. Do you think the weather is going to become severe? Here’s the essential information you should be aware of!

The Scrap Computer Desk

Create this easy-to-build computer shelf with just a few pieces scrap wood and nail guns. The shelf shown was built with a 1 foot. 2 ft. pieces of wood, and two pieces of 1×3 board cut into 12 inches. lengths. We then employed a brad nailer to join the boards to the plywood.

It is possible to stain or paint the piece in order to match the decor of your room or just leave it the way it is for an unfinished, purposeful appearance. The shelves will raise the screen to an appropriate level, making it more comfortable to view and more comfortable on your computer at work! Explore these other wooden projects.

Rename Your Alexa

Don’t let yourself be deterred with the name “Alexa” even if it’s not in tune with your. Perhaps it’s your personal name. Every when your partner is calling to you in the kitchen to assistance with a recipe, it turns on. It’s a pain! Change the name of Alexa as Amazon, Echo or Computer by using the application. Go to Settings > Menu. Click on the Echo device that you want to change , and then click Wake Word. A drop-down menu appears with the names you can select from. Choose one, click save, and then confirm.