14 Free Storage Container Options for Organization

You’ve already used sour cream as well as yogurt containers to store leftovers from dinner. You probably have empty coffee containers in your garage that you can use to store screws and nails. If you’re looking for additional ideas here are 14 great free storage containers that are great for organizing.

Pallet to Store Lawn and Garden Equipment

If you own a yard or garden, you are aware that there are plenty of long-handled equipment. You’re probably aware of how annoying it can be to need a shovel or the rake but need to walk around to locate the item.

You can easily connect the pallet to the fence, shed or even to the wall studs that are in your garage. Whatever you decide to do it is important to ensure that the screws you use will run through your pallet as well as the wall you’re fixing it to. We screwed two screws into the pallet, one in every wall stud that was exposed. It won’t require a lot of nails or screws since the pallet isn’t very weighty. Now you can have a fast and inexpensive method to store the lawn tools you have!

Six-Pack Carrier

Grab that six-pack beverage bag and transform it into an organizer for your desktop. You’ll need Duct tape Mod Podge and a brush, and scrapbook paper to embellish. Make use of it to store pens, pencils Crayons, markers and pencils.

Spice Containers

The next time you empty your spice container from a grocery store wash it thoroughly and store it in a container for small things. Consider storing your craft supplies like pins, beads and buttons.

Wine Box Shoe Storage

Why would you pay for a costly shoe storage container that is compartmentalized instead of picking one up at every store selling wine? Created to guard glasses that are fragile, the wine container is the ideal container for shoes because it has cardboard dividers, a space for every shoe! Additionally, the outside cardboard is strong which helps keep wines from breaking however, it is also great for protecting your footwear during storage.

You can get fancy, also paint or decorate the outside of the wine bottle with wrapping paper that is decorative in the event that you want to store it in your entryway or closet.

Glass Jars

If it’s a candle jar, pickle container or pasta sauce bottle, scrub it clean and rinse it off and then wrap it in some beautiful cloth. Glass jars are great for storing bathroom products like cotton balls and Q-tips as well as small crafting supplies.

Pringles Can

Make this empty Pringles container, wash it off and then turn it into an storage container. Once it’s dry, grab some glue and scraps of wrapping paper and embellish it. It can be used to store homemade cookies or snacks.

Organise Small Cords using toilet Paper Rolls

In our modern-day homes that are high-tech it can be difficult to keep track of the tiniest cords can be difficult. Nearly every electronic device has a cable connected to it including smartphones, cameras and computers, and the list of devices goes on. Instead of putting them in drawers around your home and letting them become tangled or forgotten about Try this simple and cheap solution.

Find a small-sized box (a shoe box is ideal) and then fill it with enough toilet paper rolls as will accommodate vertically. Place one cord inside each roll of toilet paper. The next time you require one of the smaller cords, be able to locate it and it won’t be tangled!

Plastic Fruit Boxes

If you buy berries or smaller tomatoes at the supermarket chances are you have plastic clamshells that you can find in your recycling basket. Wash them out and store them for crafts or sewing equipment, homegrown produce from your garden or as a container for sandwiches inside your lunchbox.

Takeout Containers

Your take-out container can serve double-duty. Once it is cleaned, you can put it in storage for small toys. This is a great method of taking small toys with you in car journeys.

Egg Cartons

Although you can utilize many egg cartons made of cardboard in your compost, you can use egg cartons in new ways. Consider using an egg carton to store a container for nail polish. You can also use it to store earrings or other jewellery. Use the cartons as is or paint them in accordance with your style.

Portable Picnic Spice Rack

Use a simple container for pills into a small and portable storage rack to spice up your RV or camper. This is ideal for trips on weekends or extravagant camping. Note the names of the spices on the case using permanent markers for information. Keep it in a plastic bag and put it in your camping equipment for the next excursion.

Empty Soda and Water Cans

Get rid of those empty cans, cut off the tops using a can opener, and then decorate them with paint and some beautiful material or trimming. Use them as organizing your desktop for makeup brushes, or even as a vase.

Drink Mix Containers

Yes, those plastic drink mix containers could be given a new purpose. Clean them and then use some attractive paper or Mod Podge, paint and to make a storage container for your glasses, small lap-based crafts or even a container for items in your purse that aren’t needed such as lip balms or a small packet of aspirin or a smaller bottle of sunscreen.

Medicine Tubes or Bottles If you’re using detergent pods there’s a variety possibilities to use the container they’re in. Decide if you’d like to put the lid to be off or on paint the container. Then mark it “Trash,” “Legos,” “Plastic Bags” or any other items that require organization