12 Simple Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Professional organizer Jamie Novak shares tried-and-true life strategies to keep your home organized. Find out what you should keep, what to throw away and how to manage everything.

Find Storage Space that isn’t being used

In the ceiling rafters in the garage or between the joists of the basement’s ceiling or in a cabinet and so on. Maximize the potential of your storage space with a thought that is outside the box! For instance, Family Handyman reader David Ojala uses gutters as shelves for storage on the sides of cabinets in the kitchen to create one of the most creative ideas for organizing your home we’ve seen!

The rain gutters that are made from vinyl are affordable and ideal for storing small objects. They are available as 10-ft.-long sections, which means you can cut them down using the help of a miter saw or hacksaw, and create many shelves from the pieces. I simply snap an end cap at each end, make two holes and secure them to my cabinets using finish washers and wood screws. For larger items I secure them using fascia gutter brackets that are available at your local home center near the gutters. — David Ojala

Improve Your Bookshelves

Bookcases appear more balanced when they’re filled 75 percent of books and 20 percent of decorative objects and leave 5 percent empty space.

Dry Measuring Cups You can keep them or toss?

Use dry measuring cups to:

  • Then, they can nest together, preserving space
  • Are they stainless steel? (which is heat-resistant that lasts for longer)
  • You can use these four basic measurements 1 cup, 1/4 cup 1/3 cup 1/2 cup and 1 cup
  • A handle that is offset will enable you to more precisely measure dry ingredients

Toss those that:

  • Are measurements no longer understandable (over time , the print may disappear, making them useless)
  • It is difficult to wash
  • Broken, bent, damaged, plastic peeled, melted, cup that is stained and warped
  • It is rare to use single measurements like 1/3 cup (two scoops of 1/3 cup work just as well)

Keep Shutoff Instructions for Handy

The best idea is stick “how-to” instructions and an area map to shut off water, gas and electricity to the inside door of the utility cabinet, or the laundry area door.

Life Hacks for the Home How to Keep an Mini Toolkit

Have a toolkit in your pocket for projects that arise all over the house:

  • Small Hammer for simple projects for example, hanging a picture from a hook
  • Level
  • The needle-nose pliers
  • Box cutter
  • 5″ tape measure
  • Screwdriver all-in-one that has multiple bits inside the handle
  • A small screwdriver that can be used to open the battery compartments of things like remote controls
  • Superglue

Beware of cluttered Walls

To prevent the wall from looking cluttered, use the two-thirds rule frames and other things placed on the wall must take up 2/3 of the space above an item of furniture. If you are hanging multiple frames, you should aim for two” between eachone, and make sure to arrange them with odd number. It is by far the most straightforward method to hang a gallery on a wall.

Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Make sure to keep only the essential medical supplies for children:

  • Child-safe insect repellent
  • Child-safe sunscreen
  • Temperatures of infants and/or kids (both digital as well as ear or rectal)
  • Rehydration fluids for children who have stomach issues
  • Acetaminophen for infants and children and ibuprofen as prescribed by your physician to treat the pain and fever
  • The phone numbers of your pediatrician, emergency contact or for
  • There is an American Association of Poison Control Centers National emergency hotline is (800) 222-1222

What to keep for the Car

What are the essential automobile care tools? Here’s what you should keep and what to throw away. Keep:

  • Brush for wheels
  • Three Gallons or more
  • Dash brush and vent
  • Crevice tool
  • Brake-dust remover brush


  • Tiny detailing tools that do not perform well
  • The power washers that are hard for the car’s surface.
  • Battery-powered buffers, also known as wax machines that are hard to operate.
  • Car-care accessories that can be attached to your drill , but cause more trouble than they’re worth.

Storing Important Documents

Save seven years worth of backup business documents to help you with tax returns including the final budget, receipts, and contracts. It’s possible to dispose of nontax-related things like documents from conferences that are no longer in use, initial drafts of documents that are final, and old business cards as well as brochures. Learn the steps to organize your office space tidy to reduce clutter.

Mud Room Grab And Go Bags

In your Entryway Keep an eye on tote bag f or any other activity that you or your children are regularly involved or participate in regularly. For instance, keep one bag to practice soccer, and one for rehearsals with the band. This way, you can carry the bag to wherever you need it with everything you need inside. Based on your requirements the three other totes you could consider keeping are:

  • A tote for restaurants and car travel filled with toys that are suitable for travel and games children can complete while waiting to eat in the restaurant;
  • Dry-cleaning bag for clothes that must be cleaned;
  • Tote bag for library book collection and your library card.