12 Household Items You Can Upcycle Into Garden Seed Starters

Start off this year’s gardening by putting out seeds inside. Look over the 12 commonly used household items that could be used to create perfect seeds to start.

Egg Cartons

One of the most popular options for beginning seeds indoors is an egg carton. Cut away the upper part of the egg carton, and then place seeds and some seed-starter soil in each container after drilling holes into the bottom to allow drainage. If you are using an eco-friendly egg carton it is possible to cut off the compartments and move it directly to your garden once seeds are planted.

Yogurt and Ice Cream Containers

Don’t throw away the yogurt containers and personal-sized container of ice cream into the trash or recycling bin and use them to plant seeds! Simply wash them and poke a drainage hole in the bottom, and then plant seeds to grow everything from lettuce and tomatoes to onions and peppers.

Toilet Paper Rolls

You can utilize those toilet paper rolls to start seeds. Simply cut the lengths into 2 inches and place them in an evaporative tray. The tubes should be filled with soil for seeding and then plant seeds. Once the seedlings are established they can be planted in your garden directly in the tube.

Muffin and Cupcake Liners

Make sure you give those muffin and cupcake liners a second use to start seeds. Line them up in a water-proof container and then place seedlings and dirt into the liners.


These popular K-Cups can be used as a unique seed starter. Simply empty the grounds of the coffee then rinse them and then create a drainage hole and then fill them with seeds and soil.

Citrus and Avocado Peels

When you next remove the peel of an orange or grapefruit, or avocado, keep the peel for an opportunity to start seeds. Take the peel in one large chunk, so that they stand upright and support some soil. When you are ready to plant them outside, simply put the whole thing on the ground.


Newspaper can be turned into tiny seedling pots by using this innovative device. The whole “pot” can then be put in the ground after the seedling has reached maturity.

Plastic Bottles and Jugs

It’s possible to recycle plastic water bottles and soda bottles, and milk jugs for seed plants. You just need to wash them off and cut off the top and poke drainage holes, then put your seed-starter soil and seeds in.

Ice Cube Trays

Old Ice cube trays can be ideal to start seeds. Simply place a small amount of seed-starting soil and seeds in each container and make sure to make a drainage hole at the bottom. Once it’s time to move them in your garden, you need to carefully pull out each seedling before placing them in the soil of your garden or in a container in the garden.

Takeout and Clamshell Containers

Take out and clamshell containers to use as seed starters. Simply wash them and then make a few holes into the bottom to allow to allow drainage, then fill it with seed-starter soil , and plant seeds. This method is ideal to start a large number of plants which you’ll eventually put in individual pots after they’re mature.

Fruit, Jell-O and Pudding Cups

If your children are using Jell-O, fruit, and pudding cups to snack on and snacks, they have handy containers to start seeds. Take those empty cups and wash them and poke a hole into the bottom to drain and then put in your plants and seeds.


Eggshells can be a fantastic source of seedlings. If you break an egg, ensure that you keep at least half of the eggshell. Clean it by using water. Use pins or thumb tacks to make drainage holes at the bottom of the egg, and finally add seeds and soil. When you are ready to plant the shell, soil and seedling can be tossed straight to the gardens.