10 Home Trends From 10 Years Ago We Hope Will Come Back

Looking at the back

As we begin the new decade It’s fun to look back on the previous decade. Check out some trends for your home that were popular 10 years ago, and then see if any of them be used today.


With earthy tones regaining popularity it is possible that moss will fit perfectly. It was a huge success in 2009 as people became conscious of their environmental footprints in their decor and the products they bought. Green was beginning to show up throughout the nation as decoration and paint. Look looks like an truly green home appears like.


Twine was popular as the trend of shabby chic emerged however it is still able to be stylish in your home , even when you’ve largely discarded the shabby chic style. It’s possible to put a few twines to glass jars you’ve put plants in.


Since the introduction of twine in 2009, burlap also came along with it. The burlap trend is still popular and we’ve continued to support certain burlap-themed decor particularly in the fall.

Uncluttered Look

It is possible for life to interfere with having a spotless house, but it was more than a focus point at the close of the decade. A simple way to reduce clutter is to get rid of these items. Here’s how to begin cleaning the space in which you live.


Elle Decor has pointed at patchwork as a new trend for 2009that included the use of quilted accessories, a blend of fabric, small flowers and color-block graphic. The look of quilts is always appealing in the home, since they’re often heirloom pieces.

Find out more about the best way to hang large mirrors, pictures as well as keyhole shelves and quilts.

Eco-friendly Materials

The green trend took off in 2009 when people sought to incorporate greener elements to their home. This was in the aftermath of the economic crisis, and many people were looking for more durable items such as bamboo floors.


Repurposing old items can look great If done right. When people began to become more environmentally conscious, in 2009, they began to add thrift stores, garage sales as well as estate sales items can be reused. All of these items you have around your house are perfect for repurposing.

World-inspired Design

The Style At Home identified contemporary ethno as a new trend in 2009. What does that mean? Modern ethno is the process of incorporating objects from various cultures, and mixing them with traditional pieces to create an original look. This was a reference to Moroccan décor items that were influenced by Moroccan like potterypieces, African decorative wall coverings and beadwork. Find out more modern designs for impressing your guests.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze faucets were popular everywhere in the early aughts and still look good. It’s a classic material that’s still found in homes , and is a nice contrast to the common stainless steel. Here are a few of the most beautiful kitchen and bathroom faucets that you can buy.

Wood Corner Blocks

The wood corner trim blocks like this one can be typically found in older houses, however they’re a classic style that never truly is trendy. It became more popular because the rustic farmhouse look was a huge hit, but the addition of a decorative trim piece can look great at any time.