10 Hacks to Try If You’re Always Losing Things Around the House

It’s been reported that we’ve spent more than 153 days searching for items according to a research conducted by the UK-based esure insurance for homes. If you’re among the individuals who cannot locate their keys, phones glasses, glasses, shoes or the earring they’re wearing while running through the doors, let go of your stress and spend less time looking for things with these organizing strategies.

Lego Key Chain

Twenty million car and apartment keys disappear in the US each annually. That’s a lot of keys missing and a significant amount of waste since they’re all required replacement. If you’re susceptible to losing keys, you can make your own Lego chain keys and holders.

No More Lost Socks

Place a strip of pipe insulation from foam as well as a pool noodles made of foam spaces between dryer and washer or on the wall. This way, socks won’t disappear into the depths of the sewer and you’ll never see the socks.


Remotes are among the items that are most frequently lost with some research suggesting that you’ll be spending two weeks trying to locate those remotes. If you have three remotes that control the TV in your home, you’re more likely you’ll be able to lose one of them. To ensure that you not lose a remote you can glue the end of a string to the top of the remote, and secure the opposite end to the couch or chair.

Pin Magnet

Anyone who has ever used Bobby pins will tell you that they go missing in a rapid manner. One way to the track is to purchase an magnet and let it draw all the pins.

Hair Tie Carabiner

Why do cats play with hair tie? We don’t know the answer to that question however, here’s how to keep track of your hair tie so that you don’t have to hunt for the ones your cat might have hidden away. Get a couple of carabiners, and fill them with hair tie. Install an iron or hang it in the bedroom or bathroom and hang it.

Cords Rack

The process of tying up cords and finding the right one can be a hassle.

Glow-in-the-Dark Glasses

Finding your glasses when not wearing them isn’t more difficult than every movie makes it appear to be. There are a variety of tricks to locate your glasses, such as a bright case, or hanging them on the chain that you wear on your neck. But what happens when you’re asleep and everything is dark? It’s suggested to apply a small amount of glow-in-the dark paint on the inside frames. You’ll be able recognize your glasses with out creating too much noise.

Earbud Clips

Do you discover your earbuds in strange locations? It’s difficult to recall where you put the earbuds if you’re always taking them from your ear and dropping them wherever you go. Try this: Attach some binder clips onto places where you typically use your earbuds. Once you’ve used them, simply wrap them about the clip.

If you’re looking for buds of the AirPod kind, you can try an appropriate dish in one or two rooms of the home. There’s either no place or they’re there.

Pegboard Cubbies

Are the tops of your work surface always filled with tiny things like pencils zip ties, files and other things, but when you’re in the need of one of those items but can’t locate it? This is an idea Cut small lengths of PVC pipe (1-1/2 and 2-in.-diameter pipes are ideal for most things) and then slide them onto pegboard hooks. You can then load them up with hacksaw blades, files pencils, zip ties stirring sticks…whatever!

Search Smart For Your Wallet

If you’re losing your purse or wallet frequently you should purchase a reliable device for tracking like Tile. This handy device is little larger than one quarter (the perfect size to slide in a purse) and is equipped with an Bluetooth tracker that is synchronized with the Tile application on your smartphone. It’s the perfect device for those who are prone to getting lost in the process of storing their belongings. It’s a straightforward two-step process to setup the device the app will open the app and choose 1. Ring the tile to ensure you can locate your wallet inside your home via sound, or 2. Find the location on a map, if it was put in the Uber driver’s vehicle.