10 Creative Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

These hacks for home use can solve your everyday problems with items that you already have.

Build a Ball Tower

A few kids are obsessed with balls, any type of ball. They accumulate. It’s difficult to find a system to store them all in one place even those at the bottom. This is a clever system that makes use of ropes that bungee. They’re sturdy enough to ensure the pile is organized however they’re flexible enough so to allow you to squeeze the ball at the bottom out. Do you need more storage space in your garage? Create this amazing shelving system using pegboard.

New Uses for Old Glove Fingers

Do not throw away the old gloves you used to work with. Cut off the fingers and you’ll see a myriad of applications for these gloves. Use them to shield the chisel’s tips when you have to carry them. They are also useful for making it easier to grip pliers and a variety of other tools.

Make a Squeegee From a Rake

Do you need a squeegee but in a rush? Get the pipe insulation and then use a couple cable ties to secure it to the rear of a garden rake. It’s a great idea, and you don’t need remove it to make use of the rake. Take a look at this alternative pipe insulation trick for your home.

Old Sneakers as Ladder Bumpers

You can buy rubber bumpers to protect the top of your ladders, to guard your walls and siding but what’s the reason? An old pair of sneakers (who isn’t wearing some?) along with a bit of duct tape can do the job perfectly. It is also possible to employ a sneaker for cleaning your sandpaper. Really!

Double Up on Stubborn Nails

Nails can be difficult to get rid of, particularly nails with small heads , and any nail that falls off. The trick is using two tools for locking pliers that grab the shank of the nail, and using a pry bar to perform the pulling.

Garage Floor Dam

Garage floors are susceptible to puddles due to springtime flooding melting ice off tires and other vehicles, you know what it is. It is possible to keep the water from getting into your equipment and toys by using the dam that is consisting out of expanding foam. It’s waterproof, it sticks and you’re able to walk or drive on it without harming it. In the summer, it’ll scratch off. These 12 innovative spray foam applications will blow your head.

Hot-Glue Bumpers

Are you looking for a flowerpot, or that has a bottom with some roughness you’d like to place on a smooth surface? Yes, you can purchase specific silicone bumpers, but you can also make use of hot glue. Put a few drops of adhesive on the surface of the object. Let them cool for about a minute before, and as the glue remains soft, you can press it down. Presto! Self-stick bumpers made of plastic. It is essential to learn these tricks to care for your plants in the winter months.

Flip-Down Recipe Holder

If you’re looking for a simple recipe or note-holder for your kitchen, you can simply attach an iron to the inside of the lower part of an cabinet. It can be turned down to secure the paper, and flip it back up to place it in storage. It’s helpful to trim some of the lower part on the clothespin (plastic or even wood) so that it’s easier to screw it across the opposite.

Gentle-Grip Pliers

Here’s an oldie that has an added twist. Utilize pieces of garden hose and other tubing to relax the jaws on slip-joints and other pliers, so that you can grasp plated surfaces with no damaging them. What’s the twist? The size is such that you can slide them over the handles and keep them in your pocket. Here are some other cool hacks for tools to explore.

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