10 Crazy Things Mice Have Done in Homes

Where did all the dog’s food went? Where is the grocery receipt? You’ll be amazed by the ability of mice to hoard food.

Foodie Dogs

“We had mice living in our home because we lived in a rural area. I had a big laugh the other day while clearing out one of the lower cupboards in my kitchen only to discover an enormous heap of food for dogs piled up and hidden away,” according to one user on the PsychCentral Forum. “I was wondering why the dogs were eating too much.”

Stashed in glass

“We’ve ever had rodents however, they’d only become visible when their carcasses were turned up. (Thanks to our cats.) In the past year, they started to become more troublesome and found ways to get into the kitchen drawers as well as the stove. Yuck,” begins blogger ‘Kitchen Chick.’

“One day, I cleaned out a huge cupboard. I discovered a container with lots of fragile glassware that was a few years old inside. I looked inside the box and realized that the container was filled with cat foods. The d*mn mice were scrounging their cat’s food. They filled the boxes and the entire glassware with cat food. I would have liked to have captured a photo because when I was there, I was screaming with anger over this revelation, another section of me was smiling. I was forced to clean all the glassware. Beautiful delicate juice glasses, stylish bars glasses dating from the 50s and 60s, and some other bizarre things. Also, of course, I broke the glass.”

Piano Cache

“I moved the cat’s food from the kitchen area, which gave mice easy access to the walls and cupboards for shelter. Genius. Brilliant,” says the Kitchen Chick. “Until Joe suggested that wouldn’t it be hilarious to lie in front of the piano play few keysand then hear a ‘crunch crunch’. I walked over to the piano and there was an all-new cat food supply. I washed it out and put the cat food farther away from any food items. I’ve yet to discover another cat food storage area. (And I’m not switching 17-year old cats that had all day access to food in order to schedule the feeding time. )” Everywhere you can observe mouse droppings is the ideal place to put traps for mice. The more traps you place and the more mice you be able to catch–period.

Tiny Thieves

There were many reactions in response to Kitchen Chick’s story such as this:

“I took a look of the storage area underneath the stairs, where our tools for DIY were stored and found all of our backpacks (4 of them!) walking boots and shoes (4 boots with trainers, 1 trainer and one leather shoe) All filled to the top of dog foods, shredded materials and paper of all kinds … which includes earrings I made and beads nail and screws, a small radiator keys (! ) as well as torn paycheck statements as well as a cuff link (minus its details? ) and shredded postal delivery notes, etc. There are bits of chewed plastic, torn silk neck wraps from me (I was thinking of where it was and where it was ), … In one boot there was an emeryboard, sandal strap and a paintbrush !!!!!!!!!! I’ve snapped photos of a few of them!! I find the whole thing hilariously funny , but at the same time , I am shocked! !”

What happened My Necklace?

A different person has comment on Kitchen Chick’s tale about the mouse hoarding story. “After my departure my ex-wife had the dreadful experience of a mouse population explosion…he utilized poisonous blue pellets. Then, I returned to retrieve some of my old boxes…I went through one of them and it was like the necklace was huge and turquoise was shattered into pieces…I was holding a few of beads in my hands as he entered, and instructed me on a wash pronto…the mice were hoarding the poisonous pellets inside the box! Before dropping dead I guess. What a shame! !”

Hungover Mouse

“Over the Christmas season my partner was asleep and left an unfinished spiked eggnog at the bedside,” is the opening line of a post regarding the Kitchen Chick’s mice chaos story. “To our delight, at early morning, he awakes to discover the creature in the cup. He instantly thought of one of our daughters ‘ cartoons (I’m TOM and you’re JERRY). He entered the house and was unable to leave. He then said, “You’re no longer here. This was the defining moment for me. Cartoon Memoirs or not I’m going to try peppermint oil for the first time today.”

Mouse Resort

“A couple of months ago, I made the decision to clear out a few drawers. My son’s desk was my first one, as I was unsure of what was contained there. I opened the drawer and was shocked to discover an entire pile of newspaper that had been shredded. And, hey. The slipper was mine that I’d lost. Also, a handkerchief. and an Twizzler. And, looking towards me through a secluded spot in the newspaper with two eyes that sparkle,” says Heather Heath Chapman for the Ann Arbor News.

“It was discovered that my son was hiding some Halloween candy under his desk. The mouse was living an idyllic life within the drawers. After we removed the mouse, we discovered the tiny toy rabbit in the candy and shreds — perhaps a mouse’s companion, maybe.”

Unlikely Friendship

Although many have commented on the use of cat’s to repel mice One person responded on the Ann Arbor News article, saying “Cats? My two boys believe that mice are their best friends. I was cleaning the house and was terrified a mouse that was able to jump out of the cats toy box* in the basket where it was snoozing between their toys. A welcome house guest, no doubt. If I can see two of them settling in on a space in the kitchen, I know they’re not looking for. They’re eagerly waiting for their next date.”

An Cup of Poisoned Tea Anyone?

“Our mice would keep the acorns on pillows and inside shoes. One time, Dad got bored of the mess and took out D-Con. When we returned , there were no signs of mice, and there was no trace of d-Con,” starts Margaret Berg, commenting on an article published in The Chicago Tribune.

“We were given a huge, traditional tea kettle that had the spill. The first thing I did was make instant coffee, and tea to fill the thermos. In the afternoon, I decided to boil the kettle to boil tea. There was a rumble. Lime deposits? I dumped the kettle to discover what appeared to be puffed wheat. The mice had stored d-Con inside the kettle for tea. I had prepared tea and coffee, twice, using poisoned water.”

“We took off in the car, and then went into the hospital emergency department. There were kids testing mice poison. Tests of blood showed that we were all fine however, we must stay away from dentists for a couple of days and visit the doctor if we began bleeding. The nurse in the emergency room said”Why don’t we wash your tea kettle prior to filling? ‘”

“We returned to the traps. This year, they cut up the toilet roll into six pieces, and left Acorns in the medicine chest.”

Stolen Kisses

The Family Handyman editors made a unexpected discovery when she went to repair her dishwasher. “We took out the old dishwasher, and the top was covered in candy wrappers, as well as other pieces and bits. There were mice in our kitchen before the winter and had managed to rid ourselves of them, but not until they took over the candy dish and stole an enormous quantity of Hershey Kisses!”