10 Best Ways to Pack for a Move

You’ve got your packaging materials and boxes You’re just not exactly where to begin. If you’re moving Here are 10 suggestions on how to pack your belongings for moving, to ensure that everything you need gets to the new location in one piece.

Heavy Items Go First

Whatever you’re packing, ensure that the bulkiest items are put into the box first, to make sure that lighter items won’t get crushed or damaged under the weight. Make sure to keep the weight of the box’s weight to under 50 pounds, which means you’ll be capable of picking them up and take them to where they’re required to be.

Stack Dishes

When you are packing your food, Atlas Van Lines recommends using the method “stack and cover.” Put a plate at one of the boxes, and then cover it with packing paper prior to deposition of the plate next to top of the stack. “As the rule of thumb, create stacks that are no more than the width of your dish. Then, you put the plate stack upside down on a piece of paper, then wrap the bundle again. Finally, secure the bundle using packing tape and then place it in the box to ensure that the plates are positioned at an angle.

Keep Clothing in Drawers

If you can, put your clothes in drawers of the dresser. Although you’ll probably need take the drawers out for the sake of making it easier moving the dresser when the dresser is inside the truck for moving then you can put the drawers back into the dresser. Cover them with tape if worry about them getting out during the transport.

Wrap Glassware

To ensure that glassware is packed safely to protect it from damage, you’ll need newspapers and air-filled plastic wrap Styrofoam peanuts, and tape. Van Lines suggests wrapping each glass with air-filled plastic wrap, and then tape it in a way that it is secure. Put peanuts or newspaper at the lower part of the box. Then place the wrapped glasses in an upright in a straight position. In the end, put a layer of cardboard or any other packing material on sides and the top to ensure that glasses are in a straight position.

Keep Furniture Hardware Safe

If you have to disassemble furniture to move the best method to ensure you don’t damage any hardware is to secure it with tape to the underneath of the furniture. Take the loose screws and bolts and place them in a sandwich bag, seal it and then tape it on the furniture (but not that the tape might damage the wood or fabric finish). Do not forget to include instructions for assembly, if you already have them.

Take Care With Mirrors and Artwork

If you’re planning to move a large mirror Van Lines recommends putting tape on the front of the mirror in the shape of an “X” in case the glass breaks or cracks. The tape can stop broken pieces from escaping everywhere. Wrap each mirror in newspapers or Bubble Wrap and place it in a container that is filled with newspaper that has been lightly waded.

For artwork that is framed the same technique of wrapping and boxing can be employed.

Prepare Your Grill Properly

Pack Tools Safely

For packing your tools, begin by taking off any parts that can be detached. Wrap the tool in an air-filled wrapper or rag keep sharp edges from being damaged and put the tools into the tool caddy or box. Be sure to include packing material to keep the tools to ensure they don’t sway around.

Pack Lamps the Right Way

Since lamps have odd shapes they can be difficult to locate the perfect size box. U-Haul provides an lamp Box that not just can be used for moving lamps but also works to move other items like golf clubs and vases. If you’re ready to move the lamps U-Haul suggests taking out the lamp and shade and wrapping the cord around the lamp’s base. Make use of Bubble Wrap to shield the lamp’s base. Place it inside a box standing upright. The box should be filled with packing materials to stop the lamp from moving around.

Media Devices

For unusually-shaped media devices like DVD and Blu-Ray players and turntables, as well as CD players or gaming machines, Atlas Van Lines recommends storing these devices in their original packaging, in the event that you own them. Otherwise, cover the devices in a blanket and place them upright in a box.

Because grills can be dirty Make sure you thoroughly clean your charcoal or gas grill prior to moving. Allies suggests that you “Fold and fix any parts that drop down and then close the lid. Take and pack any attachments such as shelves, rotisseries and side burners and other items that is an addition. Also, bring along accessories like spatulas, spatulas, and brushes and any other objects that are that are hung on the grill. If your grill comes with an enclosure, you may put it on, but make sure that it’s free from all garbage.” After you’ve got your grill in place, Grunts Move Junk and Moving recommends wrapping the grill with a blanket to avoid scratches and harm.